Multiwii 2.4 with Optical Flow , Sonar and Lidar Support

Multiwii 2.4 with Optical Flow , Sonar and Lidar Support
By SynersignArt

Written by Alex Mos , Alexandre Dubus & Morp

is  a MultiWii 2.4 Fork that supports PosHold (OptFlow) and AltHold(Lidar, Sonar). In addition it provides a flight mode known as CIRCLE. This mode will yaw the drone continously by a predefined speed and thus supports panaoramic photo shoots.

Upcoming Features:

  • merge existing flight modes into an mode for holding absolute height (aka Baro Mode) and one for holding relative height (merger of sonar and lidar mode)- a mode for automatically starting the drone. The drone will lift towards a predefined altitude and will also use GPS or Optflow for pos hold until the first rc command is received
  • by now CIRCLE mode will rotate a drone at a given position. This can be impro ved by allowing the drone to circle around a position at a given radius while the drone will alway face the circle center.

digression : This is not a official repository and use it on your own risk